Peoria, Arizona, Sends Out Replacement Ballots to Fix Original Error, but New Ballots Have Same Error

Peoria, Arizona, spent thousands of dollars to re-send absentee ballots in this month’s city council race, because the original ballots accidentally omitted Ken Krieger’s name. He is one of three candidates for city council in his district. But, unfortunately, the replacement ballots also omitted his name. See this story.


Peoria, Arizona, Sends Out Replacement Ballots to Fix Original Error, but New Ballots Have Same Error — No Comments

  1. When did having elections become a WAR activity ???

    i.e. ALL resources to the Election WAR Front.

    I.E. screwing up ballots is like screwing up military code messages in a time of WAR.

    Thus – how many election law MORON bureaucrats/printers messed up the ballots in this example ???

    What is the standard punishment ???

    From: Secretary James Ogle [Free Parliamentary]
    Subject: Day to Day Update August 7th, 2014
    * * *

    1. USA Parliament Cabinet
    2. Super-state Parliament Vote Counts
    * * *

    1. USA Parliament Cabinet

    Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Minister Nikhil Chakma [Jumma indigenous people, Chittagong Hill Tracts] elected on 8/4/2014
    Deputy Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Minister Sevenlayercake [Roseannearchist] elected on 8/4/2014
    * * *

    2. Super-state Parliament Vote Counts

    7th California Super-state Parliament
    President James Ogle [Free Parliamentary]
    Vice President Ron Gold [Republican]

    First PacifNW Super-state Parliament
    President Kristy Knight [Respublica of Earth]
    Vice President Heli Tattari [Respublica of Earth]

    First Texas Super-state Parliament
    President Ben Saenz [Indigenous People]
    Vice President Epifanio Hernandez [Indigenous People]

    First Mid-West Super-state Parliament
    President Barbara Schroeppel [Respublica of Earth]
    Vice President Roneen Henn [Democratic]

    First Mid-Atlantic Super-state Parliament
    President Ryan Doody [Land and Freedom]
    Vice President Rebecca Belding [Mtualism and Cooperation]
    * * *

  3. Peoria uses a Top 2 primary, with election only occurring if there is one candidate on the ballot (in 2012, there was a reversal in the Willow district, with the loser in a 2-person primary finishing first in the general election).

    One suggested fix is to simply hold the primary in November, presumably with the possibility of a runoff.

    I like the comment from one of the other candidates, Ben Toma:

    “Truthfully, Mr. Krieger has now had his 15 minutes of fame over and over and over again, and this thing just went from local exposure to national exposure,” he said. “It’s really unfair to both Bridget and I what’s happened, and it’s not like we had anything to do with it.”

    Krieger was originally challenged by a supporter of Toma, which may have led to his original omission from the ballot.

    Peoria names its council districts after plants. I wouldn’t be surprised if a third try at a ballot accidentally changed the district name to Banana.

  4. In my opinion, “top-two primary” can only refer to partisan elections. An essential aspect of the term is that party labels appear on the ballot, but the parties don’t nominate anyone. So it is not appropriate to use that label for nonpartisan elections. Before Washington state adopted the top-two system, that term did not even exist, and yet the U.S. has been having nonpartisan elections for over 120 years.

  5. Are you saying Minneapolis did not have Top 2 elections, because the term did not exist? Or did Minneapolis start having Top 2 elections, once Washington did, even though Minneapolis did not change.

  6. In Minneapolis, candidates for city office may choose a partisan label, which can be the name of a ballot-qualified party. That label appears on the ballot next to the candidate’s name.

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