Tennessee Democrats Nominate Gubernatorial Candidate Who Had Virtually No Campaign

Tennessee held its partisan primaries for state and federal office on Thursday, August 7. In primaries, Tennessee prints candidates’ names on the ballot in alphabetical order. According to this story, and many others, the winner of the Democratic gubernatorial primary is Charles V. Brown, who had virtually no campaign. The story suggests he won because his name was listed first on the ballot. Here is a link to the unofficial election returns. There were four candidates for Governor in the Democratic primary.

In the general election, besides the two major party nominees, there are gubernatorial nominees from the Constitution, Green, and Libertarian Parties, and two independent candidates. The Libertarian Party is in U.S. District Court fighting for the “Libertarian” label for its nominee; the other two minor parties already have their party’s ballot label. Thanks to Henry Hirose for the link.

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