Libertarian Nominee for Georgia Legislature Still Doesn’t Have a Hearing Date for his Ballot Access Lawsuit

Jeffrey Amason, who successfully collected the signatures of 5% of the voters in his State House district, but who still isn’t on the ballot, still hasn’t received a court date for his ballot access lawsuit. The case is Amason v Ford, Superior Court, Fulton County, 2014-cv-249517. Here is a copy of his amended complaint. The issue concerns notarization of most of his petition sheets. Amason incorporated his campaign, and his wife is an officer of the campaign corporation. Georgia law says a corporate officer may notarize documents for the corporation, yet so far election officials have kept him off the ballot because his wife notarized almost all of his petition sheets, but not the ones she circulated herself.

If Amason gets on the ballot, he will be the first minor party candidate on the Georgia ballot for legislature since 2004 (excluding special elections, for which no petition is required). UPDATE: see this story about the lawsuit in the Cherokee Ledger-News of August 13.

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