Seven Candidates Likely to be on New York November Ballot for Governor

August 19 is the petition deadline for New York independent candidates, and the nominees of unqualified parties, for state office. Here is a link to the petitions filed for the November ballot. It seems likely that there will be seven candidates on the November ballot for Governor: Democratic incumbent Andrew Cuomo; Republican Rob Astorino Green Party nominee Howie Hawkins; Libertarian Michael McDermott; the nominee of the Sapient Party, Steven Cohn; Jimmy McMillan of the Rent is 2 Damn High Party; and Michael Carey of the Life & Justice Party..

The major party primaries are in September, so there is no absolute certainty that Cuomo will be the Democratic nominee. His Democratic opponent Zephyr Teachout has a strong campaign.

Here is the Sapient Party’s web page. The national chair is New Yorker Bobby Kumar Kalotee. In 2010 he was associated with a group that petitioned for New York statewide office as the Tea Party, but it did not get on the ballot. In 2008 he held himself out as the national chair of the Reform Party, and endorsed John McCain for president.

Here is a newspaper story
about the Life & Justice Party. The party wants to make abortion illegal and wants changes in how disabled persons are treated. This post has been re-written to include the McMillan and Carey candidacies, whose filings had not been posted on the New York State Board of Elections webpage when the original post was written.


Seven Candidates Likely to be on New York November Ballot for Governor — No Comments

  1. If Cuomo does not receive the Democratic nomination, has he agreed to remain as the Independence Party and the Working Parties nominee which I understand under New York election statues he can. Any comments?

  2. “Sapient” means “full of knowledge” or “wise”, according to my dictionary.

    If Cuomo lost the Democratic nomination, it seems overwhelmingly likely he would withdraw from being the nominee of any other party.

  3. Thanks Richard, for the definition of “Sapient.” If Cuomo does lose and withdraw, can the Independence Party and Working Familes Party substitute nominees?

  4. Cuomo can’t get off the WFP or Independence lines if he loses the Democratic Primary under NY Election Law unless he (1) dies, (2) moves out of state, or (3) is nominated in late Sept. to run for a judgeship. When he lost the Democratic gubernatorial primary in 2002, he stayed on the Liberal line, failed to get the 50,000 votes needed for a ballot line in New York, and the Liberals disappeared.

  5. Then let’s hope he wins the Democratic Primary. I’d hate to see the Indepedence Party loose their ballot line, even though I don’t agree with them on some issues. I predick the GOP is going to implode someday – just like the Whig party did – and the Independence Party could fill that vacuum in New York State if not the rest of the country.

  6. FYI, we are supporting Randy Credico in the Democratic primary on September 9.

    Randy was both the Libertarian Party and the Anti-Prohibition Party candidate for U.S. Senator (against Schumer) in 2010.

  7. The Independence Party usually nominates the major party candidate likely to get the most votes. I don’t think they’re independent at all.

  8. Looks like 10 ballot lines:

    1 – Dems
    2 – GOP
    3 – Conservative
    4 – Working Families
    5 – Independence Party
    6 – Greens
    7 – 10 in no particular order: Libertarians, Sapient, Women’s Equality, Stop Common Core.

    I assume Life and Justice, and the Sam Sloan Libertarian faction have failed?

  9. Sloan’s bogus filing will fail, but BOE has not taken it down yet as they are just receiving our specifications now.

    As an example of the many fraudulent aspects of his filing, he claims there are 2347 pages in his petition; in foact it is under 400 pages and only contains 600 signatures, some of which were procurred months before the date on which they legally could be requested!

    I don’t know about Life and Justice, and I would not count Rent is 2 Damn High out yet either.

  10. Due to the rotted publik skools — how many folks will look up the definition of Sapient in a New Age dictionary – even on the internet ???

    Are the wise Sapient folks trying to wake up the public about P.R. and nonpartisan App.V. ???

  11. “The Independence Party usually nominates the major party candidate likely to get the most votes. I don’t think they’re independent at all.”

    Clay, the Independence Party is playing smart politics. They can’t win own their own just yet, and it’s smart to keep the party name popular and get as many votes as it can. As I said in an earlier reply, once the GOP implodes, then the Independence Party will be the 2nd major party in New York State. If the Libertarian Party would use this cross-endorsement in states where they can, and work to bring that option in the remaining states, they might be that 2nd major party one day.

  12. The Independence Party has not played smart politics in the last few years. Both of the biggest newspapers in New York city have lambasted the party in editorials. The editorials suggest the party determines its nominees for patronage. Furthermore, the Independence Party nominated no one for President in 2012, wasting its line and pleasing no one.

  13. Many people register for the Independence Party thinking that they are regisitering as Independents!

  14. Richard. Not suggesting the Independence Party is guilty of giving cross-endorsement for patronage. Not suggesting they are ideal. But if they nominated their own candidate – like they did in the Mayoral election last year – they would be trounced and lose Row C as I understand they hold. (Correct me if I wrong about Row C) But I still say they are smart to co-nominate in lieu of a candidate who is heavily financed like they did several years ago.

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