California Governor Signs Bill Reducing Number of Signatures in Lieu of Filing Fee in Special Elections

On August 22, California Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 2233. It eases the number of signatures in lieu of filing fee, in special elections. The rationale is that in special elections, the petitioning period is shorter than in regular elections. In some special elections in the past, the petitioning period has been as short as two days.

California has had procedures for petitions in lieu of the filing fee since 1974. For statewide office, they are 10,000 signatures; for U.S. House and State Senate, 3,000 signatures; for Assembly, 1,500 signatures. Partial completion of the in lieu petition means that the filing fee is proportionately reduced. The filing fees for statewide office are 2% of the annual salary of the office being sought; for district office, 1%.

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