Congressional Bill to Mandate Top-Two Primary System for All U.S. House Elections

Congressman John K. Delaney (D-Maryland) has introduced HR 5334, to require all elections for U.S. House to use the top-two system. The bill also mandates that election day in November would be a federal holiday, but the bill does not require primary voting day in each state to be a holiday, nor does the bill set up a national primary day.


Congressional Bill to Mandate Top-Two Primary System for All U.S. House Elections — 18 Comments

  1. Don’t be surprised if this bill makes some headway. Both major parties want us (3rd partisans and Independents) to go crawl under a rock somewhere. They fear that with the internet, email, Facebook and all the other 21st century gagets that help us cheaply and instantly get our message to the people, the people just might wake up and learn how they have been shafted by the two party system. The enemy does not start to fight you until he fears you. They are beginning to fear us.

  2. The top 2 stuff is a major distraction from the ANTI-Democracy minority rule gerrymanders that control the governments in the USA.

    P.R. and nonpartisan App.V.

  3. I second Jordon M. Greene’s Hell No!. A national Top Two would essentially be the death kneel for what’s left of democratic elections here in America. But of course, that’s probably what most Democrats and Republicans want. To them, running for and voting for something else is tantamount to thoughtcrime. If this bill doesn’t immediately die, I believe petitions, protests, and angry dissent are in order.

    And just read what they want to call this bill: The “Open our Democracy Act Of 2014”. What a disgusting lie.

  4. I wonder if the bill is not grafted on to an old bill. The redistricting study provisions are over a decade old.

  5. Joshua H: You are so right. The Democrats and Republicans don’t want anyone but them to participate in the election process – and each of them would eliminate the other if they thought they could get away with it. I hate to say it, but I’m afraid we are seeing the first days of “Nazi America.” God help us all!

  6. Which God? The Lord God Jehovah, the Father of Jesus Christ, the Savior of Mankind, and the 3rd Person of the Trinity.

  7. This would prevent better reforms from progressing. Top-Two, as has been shown by FairVote and Mr. Winger is not the panacea of election reform. I also believe this would not pass a constitutional test. Bad idea.

  8. Sounds like a third party god to me. After all, He didn’t do much to stop the original Nazis, did He?

    Maybe you should switch to one of the top two gods.

  9. Mr Myers, I find it strange you can find time to reply to BAN posts, but don’t have time to answer my emails I have sent to you lately. Was it because my questions were too tough for you? So I will ask one of them before all of BAN readers. Why does the Constitution Party insist in opposing Medicare and Social Security, despite that even most 3rd partisans and Independents support it and are not going to turn it down when they become eligible – if they are not receiving such federal benefits. I proudly receive my Social Security and Medicare, because I worked hard for almost 50 years paying into the system – and whether “constitutional” or not, most Americans agree with me. The CP wants to take America back to the agrarian age of the late 1700’s and this is one reason why your party only gets about 2 or 3 percent at best for your candidates that you do get on the ballot. I left the old American Party many years ago because they too held on to this ostinate position. Most Americans support Social Security and Medicare, and the majority of those same Americans support Pro-Life and Law and Order. Don’t you think its about time the CP added 2 and 2 together and get 4 for the answer?

  10. Richard this is for one of your repliers identifying himself as “TruFoe.” I know your website is for political exchanges and not for religious exchanges. But I cannot as a Christian stand idly by while this person make such statements as to why God allowed the Nazis to destroy 6 million Jews plus the millions of others. If “TruFoe” would study his Bible, he would learn that God allows mankind to act as Freewill agents. We – not God – create wars and strife which destroys mankind. Yes, God could have eliminated Hitler and the Nazi Party had it been His Will. But God sometimes allows even negative political activities such as WWII to pave the way for His Master Plan. We as Humans do not always understand God’s Plan. But our duty as Humans are to use our God-given talents where we can to make this a better world. Your BAN is one of those talents that allows us to exchange political ideas and fight for ballot access. It is up to mankind if we take advantage of it or not. And I am thankful to God that you have held on all these years and kept BAN alive. I also hope you will not “ban” me from future participation, but those comments by “TruFoe” was something that had to be addressed.

  11. It sucks! You always end up with one Republican and one Democrat in the primary so it essentially kills third-party challengers which do not even appear on the general ballot, so you can’t write in vote or vote none of the above either.

    Rigged !

  12. DeNeice,as I’ve argued many, many times, we are at war with both the Democratic and Republican parties. If we all had the anatomy about us, we’d all join COFOE and pick at least one precinct in each state at every General Election where there is no 3rd party or Independent candidate on the general election ballot in that precinct and protest all day long, letting the voters know and questioning them why we are denied the ballot. But nobody seems want to get off their duff and do anything. We are not going to win this war by simply sitting on our tails and complaining. If we’ve do this, soon the media would be joining by giving us the real publicity we need. This is, of course, not the only thing we could and should do, but it is a starter. Otherwise, I have little sympathy for these wimp 3rd partisans and Independent who bitch and moan, but won’t do anything.

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