Former Alaska Republican Party Chair Joins Constitution Party

On September 27, the Alaska Constitution Party held a state convention. Russ Millette attended and filled out a new voter registration form, joining the Constitution Party and leaving the Republican Party.

Millette had been elected State Chair of the Alaska Republican Party in April 2012. He was a Ron Paul supporter. In January 2013, the state Republican Executive Committee removed him as chair.


Former Alaska Republican Party Chair Joins Constitution Party — 14 Comments

  1. Some background: Millette was elected by a semi-hostile, semi-organized, Ron-Paul-supporting group of Republicans (the same ones who got Joe Miller his primary win ahead of Lisa Murkowski.) Mainstream Republicans immediately gathered their wits about them and went through a series of contortions to make life difficult for Millette (and defeated Miller via a write-in campaign in the ’12 general), so it’s not surprising–or even much of a change–to see Millette leave like this. He only waited until now because the Republican party in this state doesn’t let voters registered in other parties participate in its primary election.

  2. You know, he and other constitutionalists would’ve joined the Alaska Independence Party instead if only the AKIP would stop taking such a narrow-minded and anti-American approach in their desire for secession and because of their aloof and quite ineffective leaders, whom are currently running the AKIP into the ground and soon into its own demise.

  3. The national Unity Coalition has attracted and identified many cool team players, 35 candidates vying for public office across the USA in the elections happening in 36 days, who are able to work with all parties and independents.

    After the November 4th election they will be invited to play key roles through 2016.

    Our team consists of people who are personable, interested in unity and who have a solid interest in building unity rather than tearing it down.

    Won’t you join us?

  4. Cody: You are right about the “leadership” of the Alaskan Independence Party. It is a shame that this once growing party is slowly dying.

    But I do have to disagree with you when you say the party is “narrow-minded” and “anti-American.” All they want is what they were denied in 1958 and a this is the right for Alaskans to vote from among four options: (1) Statehood (2) Territory (3) Commonwealth and (4) Independence. I understand they are willing to accept whichever way the people would vote.

    You also would be surprised how many people would vote for “Independence” if such a referendum was offered to voters in many other states.

    People are disgusted the direction our federal government is going, and that is not being “anti-American.”

  5. Mr. Myers. Would you please answer a simple question. Why did you leave the Alaskan Independence Party? I don’t mean to sound “mean-spirited” with this question. I just would like to know so perhaps I (and others) could better understand what is going on in the AIP?

    If you would rather answer this question privately, then send an email to Richard Winger and ask him for my email address. I don’t mind him giving it to you for these purposes.

    I only want to better understand why you left the AIP and now why you believe the CP is best.

  6. The national Unity Coalition has the perfect mechanics for electing a team, team rules, agenda and platform. We’ve done all that and we’d welcome anyone who is interested in Alaskan votes under advanced election system.

    Not sure how that works? Try looking at our team’s Unity Platform, the votes cast as proof and you’d quickly learn how ranked choice voting (RCV) in multi-winner districts is able to provide the tool for finding solutions for the whole:

  7. Alabama Independent, I too am from Alabama. Born and raised in Birmingham my first 21 years.

    I can vouch for Myers. He’s a very smart, cool team player. He has a proven track record for having an open mind. Feel free to phone me anytime at (831) 383-1409 for further verification or any other conversation about democracy.

    J.R. Myer’s [Constitution] name is one of the 617 names who have been elected to the national USA Parliament’s team and he was once an active and helpful participant as our former Platform Minister and we’re not offended should he want his name removed from our ranks.

    I’m sure the issues that he had with the AIP were the same issues which drive most people away from political movements; a winner-takes-all voting system and single-winner districts which promote a “my way or no way” psychology.

    If you’re interested in learning more about a unifying voting system that helps bring people together to elect solutions for the good of the whole under the principle where 50% plus one vote is a simple majority and where one vote breaks a 50/50 tie, then you too would be welcomed to participate as a voting member on our team and you have an open-ended invitation to accept this nomination.

    However, if you support the concept that one person should be elected in any election as the only one to have the best answers (as opposed to more than one person as a team) then you probably wouldn’t like team psychology or the luxury of being able to synchronize, vote and think as part of a team.

  8. James: I’ll give you a phone call one day. Thanks for the invitation to discuss matters. I tried logging on your website and could not pull it up. May be my computer.

    I know that I do not know the situation of why Mr. Myers left the Alaskan Independence Party. That’s why I have asked him to permit me the permission to contact him at his personal email address. Richard Winger has my email address and I do not mind him sharing such with Mr. Myers.

    But what you do with a party like the Alaskan Independence Party is to “democratically” take over such party – especially if its leadership does have the “my way or the highway” mentality. Many decades ago, I helped in accomplishing such with a 3rd party in a particular state of which I will not name.

    One of the reasons we have so many 3rd parties of similar philosophy is the “big frog in little pond” mentality on the part of is leaders. Until such parties of similar philosophy start working together, we will never have any chance of truly competing with the major parties.

    I finally gave up on getting 3rd parties working together, and this is why I am “Alabama Independent” and prayerfully trust to be that way for many more years to come.

    I’ll be in contact.

  9. Red Phillips: A party which calls itself “Independence” in its name is not necessarily advocating for succession. Would you claim the New York State Independence Party is arguing for succession. I don’t think so. “Independence” can mean succession, but it also can be saying to the federal government, “don’t interfere with our internal state affairs, i.e. States’ Rights.” It likewise can mean that it’s philosophy is based on the “Declaration of Independence.”

  10. As former Secretary of the Alaska Republican Party, I would like to formally clarify some information in this press release, and request a correction be made to this article…

    Russ Millette was Chairman-Elect (2012 ARP State Convention), but never served as Chairman of the Alaska Republican Party.

    Thank you in advance.

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