Socialist Party Sets National Convention

The Socialist Party will hold a national convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, October 16-18, 2015. The party’s national web page has a form, asking individuals who wish to seek the party’s presidential nomination to apply on-line.

The Socialist Party is recognized by the Federal Election Commission as a national committee. However, it is not currently ballot-qualified in any state.


Socialist Party Sets National Convention — 4 Comments

  1. All *socialist* adjective parties have been obsolete since the 1932 election of the New Age Donkey communist party and its nonstop looter demagogues.

    More and more taxes on the NET tax SLAVES — pending a 1789 France type response.

    NOTHING new in world history for 6,000 plus years.

    P.R. and nonpartisan App.V.

  2. They’re not going to do anything for November at first. They will be out there for Bernie Sanders in the primaries.

  3. While I’m sure a number of rank-and-file SP members are supporting and will vote for Bernie Sanders, the SP leadership and most of its active members are against him. So they are most likely going to nominate a presidential ticket as per usual, no official SP energy will be going to the Sanders campaign, and their candidates most likely will not pull out of the race if Sanders gets the Democratic nomination.

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