Jesse Ventura Interview on Minnesota TV Station

WCCO-TV in Minnesota recently interviewed Jesse Ventura, who says he is considering seeking the Libertarian presidential nomination. The interview does not mention that Libertarian Party rules require presidential and vice-presidential nominees to be members of the party, although there no requirement that they must have joined before the convention.

But the interview also seems to reveal that Ventura thinks the Libertarian convention is in June. Actually it is May 26-30. Also Ventura is in the habit of saying that George Washington was not a member of any party. Actually Washington was a Federalist. Washington disliked partisanship, and warned against “the spirit of party” in his Farewell Address. He was careful to have members of both the Democratic-Republican Party and the Federalist Party in his cabinet. But he himself was a strong Federalist. During Washington’s presidency, the biggest issue in U.S. politics was foreign policy. The Federalist Party was fiercely opposed to the French Revolution and was relatively sympathetic to Great Britain. The Democratic-Republican Party had the opposite view. Washington was so opposed to the French Revolution, when the ambassador from France called on Washington, Washington made sure to have a portrait of the beheaded Louis XVI on the wall.


Jesse Ventura Interview on Minnesota TV Station — 8 Comments

  1. Run Jesse, run! (To the nearest TV camera for another self aggrandizing interview!)

  2. @Clay: Earlier this year, Richard wrote that the LP was entitled to have presidential primaries in Arizona, California, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, and North Carolina. (Also Delaware, but they probably wouldn’t hold a primary because it would be too difficult to qualify for the ballot.) It was a blog entry here on March 28, 2015.

  3. With Governor Gary Johnson in the race, is Governor Ventura aiming for second spot on the ticket? Double the vote power with two former governors rather than a damaging fight for the LP nomination?

  4. BUT… Gary Johnson has not yet declared. It is largely assumed he will run but nothing is official. Do you think Ventura’s ego would allow him to be #2?

  5. Actually Delaware is no longer a possibility for any minor party presidential primary. Now the law says only parties with 5% registration can have a presidential primary.

  6. LP primaries are not binding. Delegates may be picked at state conventions or at the national convention and are free agents deciding for themselves how to vote. In some states they may be pressured into voting a certain way but that is not generally the case. And there are many states willing to accept people from other states to fill empty spots in their delegations.

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