TV Networks Cancel Plans for Exit Polls for Remaining Presidential Primaries

The big television networks have traditionally paid for exit polls. On May 6, they canceled exit polls for the Kentucky Democratic presidential primary, and for both major party primaries in California and New Jersey.


TV Networks Cancel Plans for Exit Polls for Remaining Presidential Primaries — 37 Comments

  1. I know it’s true because I have frequently been an exit pollster so I get notified of news like this.

  2. Richard Winger, please tell us more. How much does it cost to run California exit polling? We need to do this to gauge election fraud. Please contact me at
    Patrick Shannon
    Search my email on fb to confirm my identity if you wish.

  3. CNN’s going on and on about Sanders’ supporters out-of-control and how scary they might be in Philly. No reason. Nothing about the cheating or the obvious pro-Bernie majority freaking over another Hillary “win”.

  4. well that is one way to try and hide the cheating and out right stealing and suppression of votes. MSM is bought lock stock and barrel. I no longer watch any of it. Why waste my time to be fed corporate lies? The truth is the viewership of all these news networks is sinking and not in a small or slow way. It wont be long before they will no longer exist. This kind of behavior just assures it will happen sooner than later.

  5. Hitlery is attempting to steal the election & not get noticed doing it. lol

  6. Well now, this is fishy! I guess it doesn’t hurt that TimeWarner and Comcast own many of the news networks, and these contribute to Hillary…nit to mention the gaslighting techniques and totally biased teporting!

  7. Another peek at the “mind-control machinery” that has built and strengthened the American mythology. While all other issues are very important. Disrupting THIS SOCIOLO-POLITICO MARKETING takes precedence in my mind. And it is the reason this 81-year old lifetime Dem will write-in “Bernie Sanders” in November 2016 if need be. Concern for Trump Presidency be damned!

  8. @ Richard Paul Weed: Check your state’s law and procedures first, to find out whether a write-in vote for Sanders is required to be counted or not. In many places (including my own home state of Michigan), the election officials talked the legislature into letting them off on that burdensome task unless the persons written in have filed paperwork ahead of time declaring themselves as official write-in candidates. In fact, every polling place in Michigan will have a list of such declared write-in candidates (because they have to have it in order to know which write-ins to count) — but the list isn’t posted, though the Secretary of State has the authority to require that. Instead, the Secretary of State officially considers informing voters of their write-in choices, not as the equivalent of a ballot posted on the wall at the entrance to the polling place, but as illegal “electioneering”! You have to go ask your local clerk’s office before you go to vote. (And the local clerk’s office is frequently a bit busy on election day. . . .)

    It’s up to individual voters to decide whether a counted vote speaks for them any louder or more clearly than an uncounted one. (Mind you, I don’t discount the possible effect of lots of uncounted “undervotes” in the Presidential race — if the phenomenon is noticed and recorded and reported. Just think of the traffic jam if everyone who’s disgusted with the “major party” Presidential tickets goes to their polling place to pick a preferred alternative party or write-in, or even just to cast a blank “None Of The Above” ballot. . . .)

  9. Gotta cancel the exit polls. Can’t rig an election when the truth is out there! Then people would see, at least, the more obvious moves, like O’Malley still being on ballots…

  10. Sounds like even more Tronic ballot box tampering !! We need to open investigation to the ballot boxes now before California!! The DNC have shown that cannot be trusted!!

  11. Where is this info coming from? I most definitely BELIEVE it but this and Reddit are the only places I’ve seen this (oh and Redacted Tonight as well).

  12. was wondering the same thing @alexander banks… just saw RT mention it and didn’t see any exit polls for Kentucky (or Oregon I believe) so not doubting at all just wondering because cant find it anywhere else… thnx

  13. Need proof to be effective in gaining an audience- please & thank you

  14. Democracies around the world, as well as some “democracies,” know that exit ballots are one reliable indicator of election fraud. Since we are now practicing election fraud in the U. S., it is a bit unseemly for the nation which likes to brag about being the world’s oldest democracy to continue using exit polls which reveal the fraud. This way we can still pretend.
    The yet-to-be answered question is: will the American people give a damn that many elections in this country are fraudulent? Or is our culture so jaded and corrupted that many people no longer care?

  15. This whole issues is SO disturbing and depressing to me. I also would like confirmation on source. Nice to know I’m not alone in my assessment. There goes California…why bother to vote.

  16. There is no exit poll data for Kentucky — everything is zeros! So, I’m thinking this is a true report. But, search as I may, THERE IS NO CREDIBLE NEWS REPORT ON IT, except HERE and at Richard Charmin’s Blog which cites THIS REPORT. WHERE did this information come from?? Ballot Access News must give us some information on where this comes from so that we can pursue it and pressure the powers that be to GET BACK IN THE DEMOCRACY GAME and do their f’cking jobs as FOURTH ESTATE. I’m so sick of this $hit.

  17. I have been an exit pollster myself for the Edison Mitofsky Company starting in 2000. Because the company keeps a list of its past exit pollsters, it obviously keeps in touch. So I, and many others in California, received an e-mail earlier this year asking if we want to work in the June 2016 primary. But after the Indiana primary and the next day’s withdrawal of Senator Cruz and Governor Kasich, the company sent a new e-mail saying to disregard the first e-mail, because they aren’t doing an exit poll in the California June primary.

  18. Richard Winger, in response to so many questions, I think you should provide sources or substantiation for this story, beyond your comment. “The networks decided to save their money.”

  19. Looks like the fix is in, but most Californians vote by mail anyway. Bernie Sanders has a stunning WIN waiting for him in California.Contrary to the so called (wise and informed pundits?) he still has a slim chance to pulling this thing off. Has any body looked at the Clinton’s tenure in Arkansas. There are at least four (4) dozen (48) dead bodies directly and indirectly tied to their reign as attorney general and governor of that state. White Water was a god-send for the Clinton’s; it kept the public’s attention off of the horrible whore-mongering and drug money skimming that Clinton was actively pursuing at that time. The drug operation was orchestrated and being conducted by factions within our government. This is common knowledge. So, happy trails everybody!

  20. Edison Research has done exit polling for the media pool including most MSM. They had an article on their website confirming that they would not be conducting any further exit polling in mid May. They have taken it down now.

    They still have a list shoing the primaries that they were polling through May 10. Nothing is listed to be exit polled after that.

    Here is the link:

  21. If only we had coordinated our own exit polls among ourselves… I would have gladly sat outside my voting station all day asking voters who they voted for.

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