Sixteen U.S. Senate Candidates on California June Ballot Say They Will Appear at Monterey Senate Debate May 15

James Ogle is sponsoring a U.S. Senate California debate on May 15 in Monterey. So far, 16 of the 34 candidates who are on the June 7, 2016 ballot have said they will attend.

Seven Democrats are running and these three say they will attend: Herbert Peters, Emory Rodgers, and Steve Stokes.

Twelve Republicans are running and these six say they will attend: Greg Conlon, Von Hougo, Jerry Laws, Karen Roseberry, Phil Wyman, and George Yang.

Two Libertarians are running and both say they will attend: Gail Lightfoot and Mark Matthew Herd.

Pamela Elizondo, the only Green, says she will attend.

Don Grundmann of the Constitution Party will attend.

These independent candidates say they will attend: Tim Gildersleeve, Clive Grey, and Paul Merritt.

The debate starts at 2 p.m. and is at 777 Pearl Street, Monterey.


Sixteen U.S. Senate Candidates on California June Ballot Say They Will Appear at Monterey Senate Debate May 15 — 4 Comments

  1. Richard:

    How will interested parties be able to listen in to the debate, either then or later?

  2. As far as I know, it won’t be broadcast. I don’t know if it will be recorded. I hope so. Maybe James Ogle will comment.

  3. ANNOUNCEMENT re: Live-streaming and Broadcast Media
    34-candidate U.S. Senate Debate (16 confirmed to attend)

    There will be two private video crews who will be collaborating
    during the debate and who will produce three different productions.

    All of the links will be found on the United Coalition home and facebook
    pages on the day of the debate:

    Home page:

    Facebook page:

    1) Live Streaming to be available during debate. The URLs will be
    announced on facebook pages and United Coalition’s home page on
    day of show and at the event.

    2) The recordings on livestream will also be uploaded to YouTube
    later on the evening after the debate, and the URLs will be
    announced on facebool and United Coalition home pages.

    3) The Monterey Producers Club will have a camera and cameramen
    at the event, there will be a third production which will be
    completed the night of the debate and broadcast through
    June 7th on Comcast channel 24 and AT channel 99, world-wide.

    The URLs will be announced on facebook and United Coalition
    ( web pages, the day after the event.
    * * *

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