American Independent Party Formally Nominates Donald Trump and Michael Pence

On August 13, the American Independent Party held its state convention in Sacramento, and nominated Donald Trump for President and Michael Pence for Vice-President. The California election code, section 13105(c), permits two qualified parties to jointly nominate the same presidential and vice-presidential candidates. The November ballot will list Trump and Pence, followed by “Republican, American Independent.”

The two parties will each nominate the same set of presidential elector candidates. California has 55 electoral votes. Probably the Republican Party will choose 50 and the AIP will choose five, and then both parties will submit the same list of presidential elector candidates. This will be the first time since 1940 that two parties in California jointly nominated the same presidential candidate.


American Independent Party Formally Nominates Donald Trump and Michael Pence — 9 Comments

  1. Richard the question is will the California Secretary of State list it. The SOS Office told the Peace and Freedom Party several months ago that they rejected Jill Stein as a candidate eligible for the P&F Line in November

  2. No, the Sec. of State rejected Jill Stein’s desire to be on the PFP presidential primary ballot. That is not the same issue. The Sec. of State said there were no news stories saying Stein was seeking the PF nomination. For the presidential primary, he is supposed to see what the news stories say.

    The law for general elections is entirely different and makes no reference to news media.

  3. Richard,

    Two questions:

    1) Does Trump have to consent to the nomination, and 2) if Trump consents, how will be results be tabulated? Would they be broken down into figures for the GOP and AIP slates (like NY) or lumped into a single sum for both?

  4. Trump already said he wants the AIP nomination. Trump’s name will only be on the California ballot once. Voters who are voting for Trump can’t choose which party label to support; there will be only one square on the ballot for him.

  5. Stupid, stupid, stupid. They should have nominated Mike Maturen and Juan Munoz of the American Solidarity Party.

  6. So is the AIP no longer affiliated with the Alan Keyes faction which took it over back in 2008? They nominated Keyes’ minion from his America’s Party last election. Going with Trump this time is quite a 180 in terms of principles, IMO.

  7. Looks to me like a return to the party’s original principles and its inspiration, George Wallace.

  8. The AIP has never been controlled by a Keyes “faction.” We are the legitimate party & the other group was a rump faction. That aside, although the group that played by the rules and thru their use retained control, it did not leave the Constitution Party to run Keyes for President, but because of dishonest tactics by the Constitution Party leadership & the rump faction at the 2008 Kansas City Convention.

    Trump has a lot in common with Reagan & not in a good way. Both are “New Deal” Conservatives (as is Huckabee), but it is the American Nationalism of Trump which is the draw for us.

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