Libertarian Party Becomes First Nationally-Organized Party, Other than the Republican and Democratic Parties, to Have 500,000 Registrants

The Libertarian Party now has approximately 500,000 registrants. It is the first nationally-organized party, other than the Democratic and Republican Parties, to have that many. The Libertarian Party had 411,250 registrants in February 2016, and in all previous years, had never had as many as 400,000.

The exact number will be known next week, when Pennsylvania furnishes the data.

The Constitution Party’s highest registration total had been 384,722 in February 2008. It declined sharply afterwards, because the California unit of the party, the American Independent Party, which had 85% of the party’s national registration, withdrew its affiliation with the national party in August 2008.

The highest Green Party registration was in October 2004, when the party had 312,963.

The American Independent Party of California also has more than 500,000 registrants. It has 507,377 in California. It is not a nationally-organized party, and its presidential nominee this year was Donald Trump. The current tally is the first tally at which the AIP has had as many as 500,000 registrants.

The Progressive Party of 1948 had 228,668 registrants in New York (under the American Labor Party label) and 22,461 in California, but very few in any other state.

Most states couldn’t furnish any statewide registration data before World War II. In many states, there was no such thing as voter registration except in large cities, so there were no statewide totals. Even as late as 1968, Ohio, for example, only had voter registration in urban counties.


Libertarian Party Becomes First Nationally-Organized Party, Other than the Republican and Democratic Parties, to Have 500,000 Registrants — 16 Comments

  1. Also many states don’t even have party registration. Such as vermont. I believe that libertarians in Vermont are not counted.

  2. That’s right. Only 29 states and DC have a question about party membership on their forms.

  3. In Texas, each precinct convention of a convention-nominating party is required to prepare a list of voters accepted to participate in the convention. This is equivalent to the list of those who were accepted to vote in a primary, and is also the basis for qualification for a new party.

    The chair of each precinct convention is required to send a copy of this list to the county and state chair of the party. So at least in theory, the state chairs of the Libertarian and Green parties could provide the number of voters affiliated with the Libertarian and Green parties.

  4. Elector-Voter registration — now a mere matter of LIFE or Death *national security*

    — regardless of the Donkey communists who love ALL invaders into the USA.

    See the fall of the Western Roman Empire from 180 AD to 476 AD — due to nonstop invasions —
    with the following about 1,000 years of DARK AGE killer monarchs and oligarchs.

    P.R. and nonpartisan App.V.

  5. ALL public PARTY registration lists are now PURGE lists.

    Early 1950s stuff —

    Are you now or have you ever been a member of the ABCXYZ Party ???
    Answer wrong or decline to answer and get PURGED.

    NO public PARTY registration lists — NO party hack primaries, caucuses and conventions.

    Ballot access ONLY via equal nominating petitions.

    P.R. and nonpartisan App.V.

  6. “Only 29 states and DC have a question about party membership on their forms.”

    Do they all now record Libertarian as an option?

  7. All but NH and RI. And NH will do a tally in the future, because the party just regained its status.

  8. NY let me choose Libertarian when I registered, but when I check my registration on their website I’m identified as “independent”.

  9. Has anybody seen a CA ballot from 2016 general election that shows square opposite the six qualified
    Parties names for placing crosses (+) to select 55
    Presidential Electors? If so, what is the county names
    and it’s assembly district. Please note CA Elections Code sections 13200 and 13205.

  10. Wow, I don’t what’s the bigger achievement–getting to 500,000 registered libertarians or getting 500,000 libertarians to register for something.

  11. In New York you can’t register as Libertarian, you have to register as “Other” if you want to register Libertarian.

  12. I have been a registered Libertarian and party member for 36 years, since 1980.

    With this year’s (relative) success by Gary Johnson, are there now any states where legally and procedurally, the LP is on an exact level playing field with the “Democraps and Republican’ts?”

  13. I want to see the Libertarian party nominate a good candidate in 2020.A wealthy candidate like Peter Schiff.He tells the truth at least.

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