Iowa Bill to Delete Income Tax Form Check-Off for Political Parties

Iowa Representative Greg Heartsill (R-Chariton) has introduced HF 6, which deletes the state income tax check-off that benefits qualified parties. It lets taxpayers send $1.50 to the political party of the taxpayer’s choice. Checking the box does not increase the taxpayer’s tax payment.

On January 31, the bill passed a subcommittee of the House State Government. The vote was 2-1. The two Republicans voted for the bill; the one Democrat voted against it. If the bill passes, it takes it effect with 2017 tax returns. The Libertarian Party gained party status in November 2016 for the first time. It is not known if the motivation for the bill is to injure the Libertarian Party.

The last time a third party participated in the program was in 2002, when the Green Party was on the form. The Green Party received $3,210 during 2003 (from 2002 tax returns); Democrats received $67,140 and Republicans $70,321 that year. Thanks to John Deeth for this news.


Iowa Bill to Delete Income Tax Form Check-Off for Political Parties — 2 Comments

  1. It’s interesting that the Republicans voted for this bill, and the Democrats didn’t, even though the Republicans collected more money than the Democrats from this program

  2. Individual Republican taxpayers may wish to deprive the state of their dollars, while legislative Republicans recognize that they have to make up for the lost revenue.

    It is bad public policy to convert public monies to private use.

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