Link to Georgia Secretary of State’s Web Page for Special Election Results

Here is a link to the Georgia Secretary of State’s web page, for unofficial election returns for the April 18 special U.S. House election, 6th district. As of the moment this blog post is being written, no results are in, but they will be soon. Parties don’t have nominees in Georgia special elections, and the Secretary of State’s web page does not list party labels, even though party labels are on the ballot.

Probably no one will get as much as 50%, and so a June run-off will be needed. All the candidates are Republicans, except for five Democrats and two independents. The five Democrats are Jon Ossoff, Ragin Edwards, Richard Keatley, Rebecca Quigg, and Ron Slotin. The two independents are Alexander Hernandez and Andre Pollard.


Link to Georgia Secretary of State’s Web Page for Special Election Results — 46 Comments

  1. I can’t exactly be excited by Ossoff, as he seems like he’s just an establishment Democrat, not a Kansas James Thompson (a Berniecrat). He doesn’t seem awful, but so many establishment Democrats don’t until you look deeper into tham, and the fact he got so much money from Democrats while Thompson had to fund-raise his own makes me automatically suspicious of him and his actual intentions.

  2. The tone of the mainstream media coverage in recent weeks betrays the media’s hope and desire that liberal Democrat Ossoff will win this special election on round one. The media consistently makes very poor forecasts of election winners. Right, Hillary? Ossoff will NOT get 50% of the votes in round one tonight and he will also lose in the subsequent runoff. Hell, Ossoff doesn’t even live in this congressional district.

  3. He’s hardly very much of a liberal Democrat. He’s more of a milquetoast Democratic establishment person, and no one in their right minds would call mainstream Democrats “liberal”, unless, of course, that word now means slightly left-of-center on a good day.

  4. ::while Thompson had to fund-raise his own ::

    Yeah it really is a travesty that the D national party apparatus put zero funding towards a winnable race in Thompson’s case. It really shows you that the duopoly would sacrifice winning for the sake of keeping the attendance list shorter in their private club. This is why libertarians really need to look elsewhere than the GOP (look at Paul’s support/treatment), and progressives need to look elsewhere than the Dem. machine (look at Kucinich and then Bernie’s support/treatment). At least the GOP generally is less apt to pick early favorites and create a front-runner.

  5. When it comes to the presidential race, yeah, the Democratic Party was, no matter what you feel about them, obviously more heavy-handed than the Republican Party even tried to be. I was actually surprised at how they let it work, but then I realized, as much as I disliked some things about Trump, at least it was the voters choosing and not the political party. It’s not like anyone should have wished the Bernie treatment on Trump, as that would have been unfair, whether you like him or not. That is how one would think elections are suppose to work.

  6. James? Trump only got about 35% of the Republicans to vote for him in the primary. He won because of plurality voting and a large Repub field.

  7. When Fulton comes in we will see Ossoff’s numbers rise. The voters really didn’t choose Trump . They were too stupid to realize they were brainwashed by Fox news with the Russian’s help! I still want to build my Mansion in Georgia!

  8. Tim, You do realize President Trump has been your President for less than three months, right? When you drive your Ferrari to Jiffy Lube, you don’t get your lube job done in “A Jiffy”, like 1 minute, right? (Even if their name says they do lube jobs in a “Jiffy”) (And even if they care enough to spit on your tires, too) So, let’s see what your President gets done in four years…..years, not almost three months. And then we’ll see who was spitting and who was changing the oil, Obama or President Trump, right? Georgians are mostly Wise people, I think they know who the Outsider, Carpet Bagger is in this race. And Ossoff should buzz off.

  9. 35% or not, it was still the voters choosing and not the Republican Party. I don’t see it as, “Unless it was a majority, it wasn’t the real choice of the voters.” He got the plurality, and more than any other candidate, therefore he was the choice.

  10. Yeah, he was the choice… of a minority of Republicans, and then a minority of the country. A majority of Republicans wanted somebody else, and a majority of the country wanted somebody else, but because we have plurality voting, the majority got screwed.

  11. It is voter choice, and I’d find any run-off system an absurd system that limits choice. It is how elections work, and it is how elections should work. We see the disgrace of the top-two wherever it’s implemented. We do not need something like that for primaries anywhere. He won the Republican primary, and while we can talk about changing the entire way we elect presidents in different ways, mandating a majority will never be one I support. I will choose plurality results over mandated majority results every time, even if it does lead to a Trump presidency (and that’s letting Hillary completely off the hook for her utter failure of a campaign, but yes, if we had no electoral college, which we shouldn’t, she would be the disgrace in office, and not the current disgrace).

  12. Ossoff is a Jew, that hates Non-Jewish Whites, if Georgia is dumb enough to elect him, Georgia deserves what it gets. White Genocide.

  13. AMcCarrick…… You might want to argue with CBS News, as their headline on Nov 9, 2016 read, in part, “Some 89 percent of self-described Republicans voted for Trump….”. Is 89 percent the “minority of Republicans” you cite who voted for your President?

  14. I canโ€™t exactly be excited by Ossoff, as he seems like heโ€™s just an establishment Democrat, not a Kansas James Thompson (a Berniecrat). He doesnโ€™t seem awful, but so many establishment Democrats donโ€™t until you look deeper into tham, and the fact he got so much money from Democrats while Thompson had to fund-raise his own makes me automatically suspicious of him and his actual intentions.

  15. Dan, we appreciate Passion….. And I do respect your Right to your Opinion, this is America. But also I’m sure you would not want to hurt others unfairly, as keeping Justice and Honesty in our Postings is important, right Dan. So…..Dan, if you have serious, concrete Proof of your Opinion on Ossoff, please share them with us, for the Justice and Honesty I’m sure you want to uphold in your Postings. Good?

  16. Gregg, you can do the research on what Jewish groups have promoted for years; Communism, Zionism, and White Genocide. Are you saying Ossoff is not part of the Jewish Establishment? What are his positions on open borders, and the Palestine issue? For freedom and honesty lets talk about the truth here. The Key to Jewish power, is getting people not to talk about Jewish power, so lets talk about it.

  17. People….. From “Both Sides”, remember what The Machine wants us to do: Keep fighting between us, with the lies of “Maybes”, “Alleged”, “Possible” they feed us. Bernie was purposefully handicapped by The DNC, without a doubt….. But no one asks Why. Not the Ds not the Rs….. and CERTAINLY NOT the “Media”. I’m not a Conspirasist….. I’m a Pragmatist. Please don’t Post defamatory Opinions without Proof…… Because when you do, YOU are not You, you are The Machine.

  18. Gregg, ever wonder why so many Jews on the left, talk about “White Privilege” But never talk about “Jews Privilege” Total Jewish control over all media, control of federal reserves system, Wall Street; and it is because of networking and Jewish racism, not because of talent or intelligence. Free Palestine, I say!

  19. Gregg… I think when he said 35%, he meant in the primary, although it was closer to 44%. That 89% was against Hillary, and I’m not surprised that those 89% stayed home.

  20. Gregg, people like you always ask for proof because you are lazy and it is a tactic to discredit what I am saying. You can do your own research. If you don’t know that Jews run the media, federal reserve, wall street, created communism, Zionism, destroying White America through mass immigration, promoting Middle East War. Well if you don’t know that; then you just are uneducated bro. do some studying and get back to me in a few years boy.

  21. Gregg, by the way, your buddy Bernie is for more war in the Middle East, sending more White and Black Gentiles to go fight for their Jewish masters. You don’t think Bernie being Jewish has anything to do with the fact he is for more Mid East war? lol come on man! The Bernie says he is for open borders and that White are Racist! lol Haven’t you caught on to their scam yet? Ever as Bernie if he is for open borders for Israel?

  22. Yes, Dan, you are absolutely correct if you are saying that there is shameful, disgraceful History in how The Israelis maltreat (sadly, with U.S. government approval) Palestinians…… In fact, as a younger man I remember coming home from school and seeing the Palestinian hijackers on TV. The way Israel has behaved is undoubtedly directly attributable to today’s….. “Mistrust” of Americans in the Middle East. And it is pathetic when Liberal “Jews” will say they want Open Boarders in America….. But not for the poor Palestinians in occupied West Bank. HOWEVER…. “White Genocide” is an over-reach, because the honest Root of All Evil is actually Greed…. which transcends colors and races. I am familiar, as I’m certain all the smart people here are too, of ZOG…Zionist Operated Government. However….. That does not explain every Result or Outcome. Therefore, for it to be Valid, it must be applicable throughout…. which ZOG cannot be because not every Leader (Political, or Financial, or Entertainment, or Education) is a Jew….. or supports Israel unconditionally. I do think you are a Bright person, Dan…. It’s much more the Delivery of your Point, than the Content, that caught my eye. If you have something tangible to say Ossoff is a Racist, then that’s not you being a Racist. And some Readers here might not see your Wisdom from how you put your Posting. In all…. Georgians aren’t Fools, they know who Ossoff is. I’m not Georgian, although I lived near Atlanta for many years. Thanks Dan for your Reply…. I sent my prior Post as you were replying to me.

  23. I don’t know what is worse Dan: The fact that your rant is completely ludicrous, or that you referred to Bernie Sanders as “The Bernie”.

  24. Nazi scum, fuck off. White genocide? That would be some genocide when your raw numbers are growing (even if your percentage of the population is declining) and you own a disproportionately high portion of the national and world wealth. The lie you spread is an insult to those who experienced real genocide, which I am sure you are a denier of. Nice Bob Whitaker nazi mantra BS but let’s be real for just a second…you really are a nazi who wants to kill much more than 6 million Jews. You see, I know your BS mantra too.

    Oh and I’m not a Democrat but good luck to them in GA tonite. Anything that sticks it to the Cheeto Benito is a good thing. I hope his party loses their majority and he gets impeached and removed, better yet removed for mental incompetence way before then and put in confinement for the criminally insane followed by massive civil lawsuits stripping his family of their wealth to settle with all the dozens of women he assaulted. I want to see Ivanka selling her jewelry on a street corner and Baron in public school because they can’t afford private school anymore.

  25. Dan, LOL, I’m not able to type as fast as you :))) “I brought a knife to a gunfight”, LOL!! I’m on a Kindle, LOL, and typing 1 finger!! :))) Dan, I respect the threat that a ZOG is to all Americans. And a ZOG is just as much a Nationalist movement as any….. An ultra Zionist is as dangerous as a Nazi, because BOTH will take your guns, take your lands, and your life. But, just as much as the lib media wants Gannon to be a Nazi, without a shred of direct evidence, it’s just as bad, without direct evidence, to say Ossoff will bring white genocide. And here’s one that’ll blow your mind, Dan: I’m an R who never was for Bernie…. BUT, I have direct proof (Wikileaks) Bernie was screwed by the DNC, and as long as there is direct proof, it’s Fact. The media isn’t talking much about Russia/Trump now, because Obama and his stooges were on a vendetta, a real Witch Hunt, as Prez Trump said. It is a very bad Situation…. In which smart people like us can rise above the Lies fed to us, and see the World in Justice and Honesty ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Gregg, thank you for your kind points and understanding. I can tell you are a very educated person.

  27. No…. I don’t think Dan is a Nazi…. I think Dan is actually, like many, a Centrist, who simply wants to live his life untouched, unhurt, in “pushed” by others….

  28. …. The problem is Dan is reacting to the Threats around us all. He is speaking up ouyt oif Fear, not Hate. I don’t think Dan would have his Opinions if there were not such Injustice and Dishonesty around him/us.

  29. Mr Brown. Did you know that the worlds richest Jews funded the killing of the Tsar, and the Bolshevik Revolution that lead to the real holocaust before WW2 Ever started? Did you know that Jews world wide also wanted Communists revolutions similar to that in all countries? Do you know just like Jews supported Communism, now they changed to Zionism, and have supported all Zionist wars in the Mid East, and the killing of millions including many Americans; Who those Jews then call “Racist” all the time?

    While even though the number of Jews before WW2 and after WW2 were about the same. And the red cross said maybe a hundred thousand Jews died in the “Labor” camps.” I don’t not deny that some Jews did get what the deserved. Do Jews ever recognize the suffering and death that they have caused others throughout history? I mean even that whole Mosses story, funny how they always leave out the first part where the Jews enslaved and destroyed Egypt before they got enslaves Kind of like WW2. Must be a certain strange way Jews view the world; maybe cause by inbreeding? Always the victim right?

  30. Well ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks Dan, Kevin, and all….. I’m signing off for now. I’ll try to return here, maybe I can continue tomorrow…. I’m new to Posting, First Timer…..I hope I made sense, LOL! ๐Ÿ™‚ I do pray that the best happens for all of us, and that all of us agree we are truly blessed to live in the greatest country of all, OUR U.S of A. :)))) Night All, G.

  31. Gregg you have very good points and yes, you are right in a lot of them. Really, White America needs to be worried. We saw what the Jews did to the White Russians, after they took power, and how they betrayed the Germans, and really throughout history, it is a story of Jews committing mass murder and paracite behavior, while claiming to be the victim.

    A Wise Palestinian once said “The Jew is the only person, who cries out in pain as he strikes you.”

    I don’t mind being called a NAZI really, I am used to it. Any White person who stands up for their people and culture will be called a NAZI. That word is one of many tools that the Jewish Supremacists have used to intimidate White people world wide who stand up against Jewish power. And really the more you learn about WW2 anyway; its not such a bad thing. America needs to wake up to the ZOG before it is too late. Just by speaking about it; we can do a lot of good for all people around the world.

  32. The Democrats blew their shot at the seat. The Republicans will more than likely unite behind their candidate and carry this June’s runoff election and keep that congressional seat.

  33. That seems very possible, yeah, though a lot of Democrats will donate to Ossoff, so maybe it’ll be closer than it has any right to be.

  34. This is a stupid race. $15 million has been poured into one seat, when they really need to look at the Alabama Senate election and midterms.

  35. Alabama leans heavily Republican. If the Democrats make that one competitive, watch for a triple-digit swing in 2018. That may well be what Republicans deserve for nominating a fascist turd such as Doncheeto Trumpolini.

  36. @John Anthony La Pietra So your imagining a scenario like RCV and/or IRV where people’s second choice would be given their vote if their favorite candidate was eliminated? Hmmm…would have been nice if there had been some exit polling to get an idea of whose everyone’s second & third choices were.

  37. @Brandon L: The idea is somewhat like RCV/IRV, but it’s not the same. People would get to vote again (based on whatever new information were put out there) — but only if they cared enough to vote the first time.

  38. Gregg, you can do the research on what Jewish groups have promoted for years; Communism, Zionism, and White Genocide. Are you saying Ossoff is not part of the Jewish Establishment? What are his positions on open borders, and the Palestine issue? For freedom and honesty lets talk about the truth here. The Key to Jewish power, is getting people not to talk about Jewish power, so lets talk about it.

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