California Bill to Force Los Angeles County to Expand Board of Supervisors from Five to Seven Passes First Test

On July 13, the California Senate Elections Committee passed SCA12 by a vote of 4-1. It forces counties with a population greater than 5,000,000 to have at least seven supervisors. Currently all California counties are run by Boards of Supervisors that have only five members, except that San Francisco’s Board has eleven members.

If the bill is signed into law, it then goes on the ballot, because it amends the California Constitution.

Currently each Los Angeles County supervisor has almost 2,000,000 constituents.

The bill also forces counties with at least 5,000,000 population to elect a county executive.


California Bill to Force Los Angeles County to Expand Board of Supervisors from Five to Seven Passes First Test — 10 Comments

  1. “At least” seven supervisors? So that gives LA County the latitude to adopt a board of supes with even more than seven? Like maybe twenty-five?

  2. Due to the many poli-sci morons regarding the P.R. system in Germany in 1919-1933 only a P.R. district system has a chance in the USA.

    More later.

  3. Richard:
    Beyond the fact that it’s flat out wrong for the State Legislature to force Counties to adopt a quota system for determining the size of Board of Supervisor membership, out of the over 3,000 Counties in these United States, as far as you know, how many of them currently have a County Executive (whatever that’s supposed to be)? Since shortly after the First World War, Los Angeles County voters have voted several times to maintain the Board of Supervisors at FIVE!

  4. The bill would require the number of supervisors be large enough so that no supervisor represent a population of more than two congressional districts. A congressional district currently has about 740,000 persons, so Los Angeles would require at least 6.8 members.

    The constitutional amendment assumes that the number of US representatives won’t increase, nor that Congress won’t be elected from multi-member districts. Had they said that a supervisor not represent more than two state senate districts, the LABOS would remain at 5.

    They should require that the number of supervisors for a county be set according to the cube root rule, and let each county decide whether to have a county executive or county manager(s). Los Angeles would have around 217 supervisors.

  5. Max *need* for ONE local regime for ALL local stuff — the city with its citizens (from ancient Greece)—

    IE Fed, State, City.

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