Four Republicans Submit Primary Petition for Mayor of New York City

New York city holds a primary for Mayor and other city office on September 12. Four candidates submitted petitions to be on the primary ballot for Mayor: Rocky De La Fuente, Walter Iwachiw, Nicole Malliotakis, and Paul J. Massey.


Four Republicans Submit Primary Petition for Mayor of New York City — 5 Comments

  1. NONPARTISAN elections for all elected executive offices and all judges using Approval Voting – vote for one or more, highest votes win — pending Condorcet head-to-head math.

  2. Thought Paul Massey dropped out of the race. Maybe he filed before dropping out, or came back in.

  3. De La Fuente? As in the guy who:
    1) sought the Democratic Party’s nomination during their presidential primaries; AND
    2) founded the American Delta Party and ran as that party’s Presidential nominee in 2016; AND
    3) was nominated as the presidential candidate of the Reform Party; AND
    4) ran in the Democratic Party’s 2016 US Senate primary in Florida?

    Has any other candidate in recent memory been involved in the Republican & Democratic Parties AND at least 2 other political parties in a period of 12 months?

  4. One person has been a US Senator from three different states, but not at the same time. That might be something for De La Fuente to try for. The Constitution only requires residency at the time of election. It does not say that you have to be a resident during service. Rocky missed a chance by not running in the Alabama special election.

    There was a candidate in Texas (IIRC it was for DA in Collin County) who filed as a Republican, and then later that day decided to file as a Democrat. He not only changed his filing, he remembered to change his website, which had a banner revealing his affiliation.

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