Dick Gregory Dies

Dick Gregory, the last surviving presidential candidate from the November 1968 election, died on August 20.  He was 84 and was living in Washington, D.C.  He was the Freedom and Peace presidential nominee in 1968.  Here is a major obituary from the Los Angeles Times.  Thanks to Irv Sutley for the link.


Dick Gregory Dies — 6 Comments

  1. Richard:
    With President Carter running and winning in 1976, as far as you know, are there any other Presidential or even Vice Presidential candidates who ran in 1972 or earlier who’re still alive?

  2. Unless I am mistaken (highly likely), isn’t the 1968 ticket of the Communist Party, Charlene Mitchell and Michael Zagarell, both still alive?

  3. The SWP used to nominate people under the age required by the US Constitution. There must be quite a few of them still alive.

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