Sacramento Bee Covers Proposed Initiative to Repeal California Top-Two — 12 Comments

  1. Live Stream United Coalition MIP Andy Caffrey [Ecotopian Democratic] USA First International Parliament (8/6/2017 – 8/5/2022)

    Live stream of United Coalition of Candidates, MIP Andy Caffrey [Ecotopian Democratic] USA for USA Congress (CA CD #2), will take place on Friday
    at 11 am California, USA time Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) on YouTube.

    Visit the live broadcast on the following URL:

    There will also be a audio/video call to the new
    Facebook “General Assembly” Page by International
    Parliament Vice President to facilitate questions
    and answers for MIP Andy Caffrey [Ecotopian
    Democratic] US, during the live stream YouTube
    event at Wave Street Live.
    * * *

  2. Yes! Finally! Kill Top Two, before it spreads and makes it almost impossible everywhere for third party candidates to get on the general ballot.

  3. NO primaries needed or wanted — which only produce plurality hack monsters.

    PR and AppV.

    ONE election day.

    Ballot access only via equal nominating petitions or filing fees.

  4. Originally a Green Democratic, Hon MIP Andy Caffrey switched to Ecotopian Democratic, but he retains his seat with the World Green Party.

    By assuring his liberty to self-categorize, the United Coalition cements trust with him, and all of us who seek such liberties.

    Under pure proportional representation one vote breaks more ties and everyone gets equal treatment, accountability and the lowest possible thresholds.

    If we do our jobs professionally we all win. No one person is more important than the team.

  5. Top Two is a small step forward in reforming California elections.

    With three candidates, the top two are mathematically guaranteed to win a trip to the runoff with 33.33% of the total votes.

    Now the United Coalition has already gained he free speech permits for the state-wide candidate discussions in Central California on April 21st 2017 and more are being planned in Northern and Southern California before the June 5th primary.

    Nobody has it as good as the United Coalition.

  6. Typo, the United Coalition debate/discussions are to continue on April 21st, 2018.

    In Monterey County, Central California, USA.

    Info: (831) 224-5786

    James Ogle

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