California Legislature Passes Bill Moving Primaries to March

On early Saturday morning, September 16, the Senate concurred in the Assembly amendments to SB 568, the bill that moves all primaries from June to March. The bill now goes to Governor Jerry Brown, who has until October 15 to sign or veto it.

The final votes were: September 16 vote in the Senate, 26-10. September 15 vote in the Assembly, 55-21.

The only other time that a midterm California primary was earlier than June was 2002, when it was in early March. The 2002 California primary had the lowest turnout of any California primary in history, up until that point. Only 34.6% of the registered voters cast a ballot. The 2002 primary was a semi-closed primary.

Afterwards, though, California midterm primary declined even more. It was only 25.2% in 2014, the first and only midterm year under the top-two system.


California Legislature Passes Bill Moving Primaries to March — 12 Comments

  1. What’s the weather in most of CA in March ???

    One more scheme to cut opponents to the incumbent gerrymander hacks ??? Duh.

  2. There are only seven state-wide seats being elected in California in 2018 and the United Coalition is already working together to win a few seats for the team.

    In 2014 three members of the United Coalition won seats in the California Assembly.

    By thinking and acting as a team, good Democratics and Republicans are working together for the whole, for the all parties and independents, including write-up names.

    Nobody has it as good as the United Coalition.

  3. Our nominations for 7th California Parliament continue through February and March 2018 so a primary in March is fine.

    Lyon, read the winners of Assembly Election here:

    In 2012 I won the only primary that fell before the national Libertarian Party with 52.7% but I was denied equal free speech time with other Libertarian POTUS candidates.

    We are an advanced peaceful decision-making entity by pure proportional representation as an alternative to force and violence.

    Nobody has it as good as the United Coalition.

  4. We apologise for double-meanings of these words for plurality government of the California State Assembly while contrasting to the 7th California Parliament.

    The new unity phenomena that’s sweeping the globe under pure proportional representation can only be attained within the mathematics when used correctly, and of the two, only the 7th California Parliament has the unity phenomena among members.

    The math is actually very simple and after more than twenty-two consecutive years, the International Parliament and all the subsidiary Republic of Earth Parliaments, are the only known entities for practicing and advancing ever more detailed precedents and innovative voting details of pure proportional representation (PR).

    The parliamentary go-ahead, ranked choice consensus voting and the eballot are but a few of the advances not found in the dysfunctional pluralistic ways of non-PR election thought.

    Anyone may join our group which features 1200 registered voters from around the world.

    We attract team players, individuals and candidates from all parties (and independents) and the best team players get rewarded with votes from other on the team.

    Nobody has it as good as the United Coalition.

    Signup here:

    By Vote Counting Ministry

    Earth Federation Ministry Director Election results to be uploaded and published today.

    Voting in Health and Human Services Ministry to continue today through Saturday night.

    New signups become automatically ballot-qualified for next week’s Peace and Harmony Ministry Director Elections.

    Bring your team. Have new members signup to be self-nominated to the Peace and Harmony Ministry this week:

  6. Basic PR math —

    Party Members = Total Members X Party Votes / Total Votes

    IE — both majority rule and minority representation.

    Currently about 30-32 percent of the voters de facto elect bare party robot hack majorities in the rigged gerrymander area systems – much worse in USA Senate due to many small States.

  7. Both James Ogle and Demo Rep should be banned from this site for posting nonsense not related to the topic at hand.

    If they want to keep posting then they should set up their own blogs rather than spoiling this one.

  8. ALL State legislatures and ALL of their hack laws —

    1/2 or less votes x 1/2 rigged districts = 1/4 or less CONTROL
    — since 1964 SCOTUS gerrymander cases —

    regardless of ALL postings of the unaware.

    PR and AppV

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