Joe Scarborough Op-Ed in Washington Post Says U.S. Needs a Multi-Party System

Joe Scarborough, a former Republican member of Congress from Florida, and host of the Morning Joe show, writes in this op-ed that the U.S. two-party system is a disaster. Although his column doesn’t mention the term “multi-party system”, clearly that is what he is advocating.


Joe Scarborough Op-Ed in Washington Post Says U.S. Needs a Multi-Party System — 6 Comments

  1. Yes,a multiparty system. And the key word is system . The two party system is rigged towards just two parties . This is why we don’t have real debate in this country, no real choices. That’s why we have the lowest voter turnout of any industrialized country and even third world countries. I always thought that there could be a lawsuit against the constitutionally of the two party system

  2. Less than 5 percent of all gerrymander districts in *normal* times are marginal.

    The other 95 percent of the districts have mindless robot Donkey/Elephant H-A-C-K-S from gerrymander Hell.

    PR and AppV.

  3. @John Anthony La Pietra Are even joking?

    But anyway, Finally someone really understands this country politics are hellish mess. And the only clear way is electoral reform.

  4. Joe S. Is a grandstanding idiot. He complains but has no understanding of why single winner FPTP elections will always result in exactly two parties with power.

  5. “always result in exactly two parties with power.”

    Not even counting regional parties, there are several three-party systems in FPTP. Not so long ago the Liberal Democrats in the UK had about 60 seats in FPTP. Canada generally has a three party system with the New Democrats (who have occasionally been the leading party).

    Not to say FPTP is preferable or anything, just pointing this out.

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