Green Party Wins Ten Partisan Elections

On November 7, 2017, the Green Party won ten partisan elections: eight in Connecticut and two in Pennsylvania. The Connecticut wins were in Windham, New London, Willimantic, and Waterford. The Pennsylvania wins were both in Burks County.

In non-partisan races, Green Party members won four races in California, two in Colorado, one in Massachusetts, two in Minnesota, two in New Jersey


Green Party Wins Ten Partisan Elections — 4 Comments

  1. Is that Windham, Connecticut one a win, though? I was looking at it yesterday morning and as far as I could tell, it seemed the Democratic nominee, Victor Funderburk, beat the Green candidate (Jean M. DeSmet) if you add the votes he got under the Working Families Party label. I saw the Green party claim it as a win, but I haven’t been able to confirm it to my satisfaction, as I’m finding different results on almost every page I find that mayoral election on.

    The one I’ve found and trust the most is on the CTMirror, where it shows Victor Funderburk getting a total of 40% of the vote, beating out Jean M. DeSmet’s 37%. Is it actually confirmed Jean won, or is this a case of the Green Party getting hopeful without the full picture, like many were with Ginger’s win on the first ballot in Minneapolis.

  2. My mistake, this post was probably talking about the Green wins there in the Town Committee, not the mayoral one that was close but sadly didn’t make it. My apologies for the previous post.

  3. The pluralistic nature of the Green Party from top to bottom will cement their role as insignificant in politics because of the divisive nature of their tactics for at least another twenty years.

    While there were many opportunities for the Green Party to collaborate with our team under pure proportional representation instead the pluralistic bring to us poison.

    The only way to win in today’s scheme is to use a unifying voting system and to work towards uniting the 100% under pure proportional representation like the 10th USA Parliament has been doing for twenty-two consecutive years.

    Fortunately the United Coalition has been able to attract team players and those are the ones using teamwork for the good of the whole.

    In San Francisco that means avoid those who bring turmoil and stay away from they who are for the power grab before the team effort.

    Those who do not want equal treatment and equal free speech time for all.

    Nobody has it as good as the United Coalition.

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