Alabama December 12, 2017 Ballots Use Straight-Ticket Device, Even Though Only One Partisan Race is on Ballot

Here is a typical Alabama sample ballot for the December 12, 2017 special U.S. Senate election. Even though only one partisan race is on the ballot, the ballot uses the straight-ticket device, which will probably confuse some voters.


Alabama December 12, 2017 Ballots Use Straight-Ticket Device, Even Though Only One Partisan Race is on Ballot — 8 Comments

  1. Does the AL Dark Age regime have a vote for a named candidate prevail over the logo Donkey / Elephant vote — as in all other regimes ???

    How many different Donkey/Elephant logos in the USA since the HACK parties got hatched ???

    Somewhat special for the freedom Elephants getting ready to deal with slavery Donkeys in 1854-1861.

  2. It may be redundant to have two different ways of voting the same candidate, but I don’t see how it would be confusing to some voters

  3. Some Republicans are writing in, so they may mark “Republican” and then write in a name. Those will then become spoiled ballots, or, even worse, Moore votes. And, some people may be operating under the delusion that by just voting “Republican” and not marking any candidate they not personally approving Roy Moore. There could also be people who think that they should mark “Republican” because they think of themselves as Republicans and usually request a Republican primary ballot, even though they are voting for Jones. They will then have a spoiled ballot, at best.

  4. How SMALL is the type size in the write-in space with the *Write-in* at the far right bottom corner ???

    — ie NOT aligned with the 2 named candidates.

  5. Paulie, admittedly I’m not an expert on Alabama’s laws. But in Iowa (where I’m from and also has straight ticket voting), if someone marks a party and then also marks a candidates name or writes in a name, it is the candidates name that matters and the party mark is disregarded. The party mark only matters for offices where no mark is made on the individual race. So by Iowa’s rules, if someone marks Republican and votes for Jones, Jones gets the vote. I’d assume it works the same why everywhere, or is it different in Alabama?

  6. Richard may know better than me. If that would go to Jones or write-in I don’t think it will be nearly as big a problem, except for those who would delude themselves into thinking that they are voting for anything other than Moore if they just mark Republican and don’t vote for him individually.

  7. Again – party logos/symbols came along due to having numbers of illiterate voters — could not read English.

    More and more New Age folks now illiterate — due to more and more rotted publik skooools ???

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