Michael Feinstein, in Fox & Hounds Blog, Makes the Case for California to Lower the Cost of Candidate Statements in Voters Guide

Mike Feinstein has this column in Fox & Hounds (a California politics blog) making the case that California should not charge so much money for candidates for state office to place candidate statements in the Voters Guide, which is a government publication mailed to all registered voters.


Michael Feinstein, in Fox & Hounds Blog, Makes the Case for California to Lower the Cost of Candidate Statements in Voters Guide — 8 Comments

  1. Vote Freedom/Statism
    Vote for me.

    OR – of course —

    NO candidate statements in any govt publication.

    How long have there been SAMPLE ballots and lists of candidates in the media – esp. newspapers (now internet) ???

    PR and AppV — will make candidate statements mean something.

  2. Let’s say that as a voter, I have a “right to know”. How is that right satisfied by candidates telling me what they want me to perceive?

    Feinstein might want to tell me about the wonderful things he did as mayor. But what if I or some other voter wants to know “boxers or briefs”? Doesn’t he therefore have an obligation to answer, in order to satisfy my right to know? And further shouldn’t he also be required to provide documentation. And shouldn’t the state be required to verify that information? If I have a right to know, doesn’t that right include the ability to verify that the knowledge is accurate?

    It is better to keep the state out of elections to the extent possible.

  3. In 1994 I had my candidate statement on the California State ballot pamphlet as a candidate for Governor and I had about 200 words there for everyone to read.

    My candidacy nor my statement was expected by Mike Feinstein’s California Green Party, nor by anyone, but this was an effort in Central California by a team of four candidates who ran as a coalition for Santa Cruz city council in 1992 and 17CD in 1993 including Democratic, Green, Peace and Freedom and Environmentalist.

    But the Green Party’s “technical support” Cameron Spritzer harassed my for years after 1994 and worked with Google founder in 1997 Sergie Brin, who wanted Google to be like me (an artist) because the Green Party opposed our United Coalition.

    Instead of free speech protections, our team players are censored, blocked, snuffed-out, at the Green, Peace & Freedom, Democratic, Republican and Libertarian conventions.

    Party bosses, supposed elected spokespersons, used their roles and influence to block pure proportional representation (PR).

    Despite these bosses, our team continually grows as more team players from all parties, Independents and those truly interested in free speech liberties (usually not the Green nor Libertarian Party candidates the party bosses encourage).

    The United Coalition doesn’t need the Green, Libertarian and other political parties’ leaders to continually destroy our bridges year after year and decade after decade.

    The United Coalition has great team players all over the USA and the world and we are now fortunate to be involved in a humanitarian project with our great friends with whom we practice teamwork in politics.

    The United Coalition offers equal treatment, equal free speech time for all (including write in nominees) and our voting is transparent, verifiable and perfect.

    Unlike others, our team of candidates for public office, has always used the Hagenboch-Biscoff method correctly and now our parliamentary procedures are refined above and beyond the Green, Libertarian and any known civic groups in Central California.

    We are looking forward to 2018 and 2020 to be fruitful in our work with pure proportional representation.


  4. Such statements are for the voters, not for the candidates. Anyone who does not submit a statement to voters for FREE publication in the booklet should not be on the ballot.

  5. Enough voters liked enough of the K. Harris words – if they read them — to elect her.

    Abolish the minority rule USA Senate.

    Chief victims — CA voters for decades.

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