U.S. Supreme Court Will Hear Texas Redistricting Case

On January 12, the U.S. Supreme Court said it will hear Abbott v Perez, 17-626. This is another redistricting case, but it does not involve partisan gerrymandering. It concerns U.S. House and state legislative districts in Texas, and considers whether the current plans violate the Voting Rights Act by making it more difficult for Hispanic voters to elect Hispanic legislators.


U.S. Supreme Court Will Hear Texas Redistricting Case — 3 Comments

  1. Various gerrymander gangs —

    white/gringo elephants, white/gringo donkeys, blacks (mostly donkeys), hispanics (bit mixed).

    Esp the rigging of black gerrymander districts via the 1965 VRA

    — ie a TOTAL PERVERSION of the 15th Amdt to get black winner *results*.

    A mere 53 years of MAJOR racist gerrymander perversions (mainly with 1980s amendments of VRA).

    Plus — Abolish the gerrymander USA Senate

    — divide ALL larger States (like TX and CA)

    — see which left/right States survive (with right/left folks moving out).
    PR and AppV

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