Georgia Ballot Access Case Moves Ahead

The Georgia Libertarian Party filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court last year against the state’s ballot access laws for U.S. House, which are so severe, no minor party candidate for U.S. House has appeared on the ballot in a regularly-scheduled election since 1942. Cowen v Kemp, n.c. 1:17cv-4660. The requirement for a petition of 5% of the registered voters was passed in 1943.

The court recently set a briefing schedule. Discovery must be finished by June 28, and all briefs must be in by August 20.


Georgia Ballot Access Case Moves Ahead — 1 Comment

  1. Obviously NO relief in 2018.

    If Cowen wins after Aug 20, then the regime will appeal — get past Nov 2018 printing of ballots.

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