New Mexico House Passes Bill Setting up Commission to Study Election Reform Ideas

On February 10, the New Mexico House unanimously passed HJM 19. It sets up a 13-member commission to study various ideas for improving elections, including ballot access, open primaries, non-partisan redistricting, ranked choice voting, public financing of campaigns, automatic voter registration, fusion, and proportional representation.

The commission would consist of three State Senators, three State Representatives, and six members of the public. Of the six public members, three would be registered as independents or as members of parties other than the Democratic and Republican Parties.


New Mexico House Passes Bill Setting up Commission to Study Election Reform Ideas — 10 Comments

  1. Which crisis event prompted the machination ???

    The 2016 Prez election ???

    Truly shocking that the hacks know that P.R. exists — around since 1840s – repeat 1840s

    — just before USA-Mexico War in late 1840s — that had USA regime take over SW USA from Mexico (including New Mexico area).

  2. The 13th member is the Secretary of State, just in case anybody got a little confused. So this is still stacked in the favor of the political elite having control over the outcome (they’ll have 7 seats on the commission).

  3. ANY change is a threat to incumbent HACKS = NO changes by that *political elite* ??? Duh.

    Thus – one more JUNK hack commission ??? Double Duh.

  4. Also, the way I read this, the three independent/minor party members wouldn’t be from the Libertarian Party. Because it reads as the following: “BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that at least one-half of the non-
    legislative members of the task force be individuals who are unaffiliated with a party or who are registered with a MINOR party”

    Did the Libertarian Party not gain MAJOR Party status in New Mexico after 2016?

  5. The United Coalition of Candidates (UCC)

    The Unity Platform

    “Non-Aggression Principle (NAP)” By Mark Herd [Libertarian] for State Assembly, California, USA

    “Term Limits” By Miss Joy Waymire [Anarchist] for President of the USA
    “Immediate Labelling of All Foods” and “Restore Glass-Steagal Act”
    * * *

    Equal Free Speech Time, April 21st and 22nd, 2018, Candidates’ Conference/Debate
    All candidates for elective office invited to speak at Monterey Bay Park, Del Monte Avenue, Monterey, California, USA, Earth


  6. Well, it’s possible the LPNM members could still be eligible, depending on the details not being too devilish. Michigan law has two definitions for “major party”:

    * From the Election Code — MCL 168.16: “As used in this act, ‘major political party’ means each of the 2 political parties whose candidate for the office of secretary of state received the highest and second highest number of votes at the immediately preceding general election in which a secretary of state was elected.”

    * From the Michigan Campaign Finance Act — MCL 169.210(1): “‘Major political party’ means a political party qualified to have its name listed on the general election ballot whose candidate for governor received 25% or more of the popular vote cast in the preceding gubernatorial election. If only 1 political party received 25% or more of the popular vote cast for governor in the preceding gubernatorial election, then the political party with the second highest vote is considered a major political party.”

  7. ALL of these *commissions* full of hacks are basically rigged/worthless —

    better to randomly select N Voters (with NO government connection) to make reforms —

    to be submitted to all the Voters.

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