3 Illinois State Judges Miss Election Deadline

Three Cook County Judges have sued to overturn an Illinois state law that requires them to file for re-election in December of the year before the election. The election itself is in November of even years. The judges missed the December 5, 2005 deadline. Fortunately for them, the Illinois Constitution says that deadlines for judges to file for re-election is six months before the election (May of even years). The Illinois Election Code has contradicted the State Constitution ever since 1977. One of the cases, O’Brien v White, circuit court, Cook Co., 05-coel 36, is set for a hearing on December 19.

Louisville, Kentucky Libertarians Kick off Registrtion Drive

On December 16, Libertarian Party activists in Louisville, Kentucky, will all simultaneously appear in the County Election Board offices, to re-register as Libertarians. The party hopes the event will attract press attention. Kentucky is now tallying the number of registrants in active but unqualified parties for the first time, but there has been little publicity about it.

Canada Green Party Fights to get into Debates

The Canadian Green Party leader was not permitted to debate the leaders of the four larger Canadian political parties, last time Canada held a Parliamentary Election. The Greens of Canada are now carrying on a vigorous public relations campaign to get into the next national debate. The Green Party polled 4% of the vote in the last national election.

US Supreme Court to Hear Gerrymander Case

On December 12, the U.S. Supreme Court voted to hear the Texas redistricting cases. Oral argument be on March 1, 2006. The issue is whether anything in the U.S. Constitution prohibits states from redrawing U.S. House districts in the middle of the decade for openly partisan reasons. The news was surprising and exciting. The Court had been pondering whether to take this case since October 2005. Technically, there are 4 cases combined, numbers 05-204, 05-254, 05-276 and 05-439.