Georgia Court Hearing Set in Mary Norwood Petition Case

On Wednesday, June 30, a Georgia Superior Court in Atlanta will hear Norwood v Fulton County Board of Registration and Elections, the case over whether to invalidate 9,000 signatures collected by independent candidate Mary Norwood.  She is running for President of the Fulton County Commission, a partisan post.  She needs approximately 22,000 valid signatures by July 13.

The petition form is provided by election officials.  It asks not only for the name and address of each signer, but for the county.  Norwood had asked permission, and received it, to make her own petition blanks with “Fulton” pre-printed in the county column.  She had found that, otherwise, some signers put “Yes” in the county column, and others put ditto marks.


Georgia Court Hearing Set in Mary Norwood Petition Case — 2 Comments

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