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Libertarian Party Did Not Poll 50,000 Votes for Governor of New York

Published on December 13, 2010, by in General.

On December 13, the New York State Board of Elections certified the election returns from the November 2, 2010 election.  The results aren’t up on the state’s web page yet and the state won’t release any numbers over the telephone, but they did say that the Libertarian Party nominee for Governor, Warren Redlich, did not receive as many as 50,000 votes.  Therefore, the party is not ballot-qualified for 2012 and 2014.  UPDATE:  the election returns are now posted on New York State Board of Elections web page.  See here for the gubernatorial returns.

The gubernatorial results by party are:  Democratic 2,610,123; Republican 1,290,017; Conservative 232,264; Working Families 154,847; Independence 146,646; Green 59,928; Libertarian 48,386; Rent is 2 Damn High 41,131; Taxpayers 25,820; Freedom 24,572; Anti-Prohibition 20,429.  There were 4,423 write-ins.

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  1. Well . . . at least their was a question that it might be.

  2. natural born citizen party

    I hope Laureen Oliver and Tom Golisano are happy with their creation losing Row C (and Row D) for the next four years. A semi-closed primary election inviting the millions of registered non-enrolled voters to participate in the selection of the IPNY Gov candidate was the option available, but no, the state executive committee allowed the state’s public employee and especially the state teachers union to fix the nomination of the DEM/Cuomo and now the party has paid the political price.

  3. Casual Bystander

    Oh Poop!

  4. This is terrible news. New York is a very influential state, and the LP not qualifying is a disaster that will severely hamper libertarian efforts.

  5. Demo Rep

    Divide and Conquer — Julius Caesar circa 45 B.C. — LP, Taxpayers, Freedom

  6. Dr. Tom Stevens

    A Divided New York Libertarian Party Fails To Obtain 50,000 Votes.

    Liberty Lion article at:


  7. This was the best year ever for the NYSLP.

  8. Richard

    Actually, in 1992 the New York Libertarian Party received 108,530 votes for US Senate. I would say 1992 was the party’s best year.

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  10. Dr. Tom Stevens

    Read this latest blog article regarding the election results involving Carl E. Person’s run for Attorney General of New York State on the Libertarian Party line.

    This article looks at the election results in all elections for Attorney General in 1994, 1998, 2002, 2006 and 2010.


  11. Dr. Tom Stevens

    LP Candidate results for New York State Comptroller elections since 1994:


  12. Where does that leave the LP for 2012 ballot lines?

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