Gloria La Riva Ballot Status Exceeds Evan McMullin’s Ballot Status

Gloria La Riva, presidential nominee of the Party for Socialism and Liberation, will be on more November 2016 ballots than will Evan McMullin, the independent presidential candidate backed by anti-Trump Republicans. La Riva’s name will be on ballots used by 20.9% of the voters, whereas McMullin’s name will be on ballots used by 15.66% of the voters.

The basis for this calculation is the presidential vote in November 2012. No one can know the number of voters in each state in November 2016, so the the number of votes cast in each state in November 2012 is used as an approximation.

Hillary Clinton, Gary Johnson, and Donald Trump will be on ballots used by all voters. Jill Stein will be on ballots used by 89.4% of voters. Constitution Party nominee Darrell Castle will be before 39.3% of the voters. Rocky De La Fuente will be before 26.4% of the voters. Alysson Kennedy of the Socialist Workers Party will be before 13.7% of the voters. No other presidential candidate’s name will be before as many as 6% of the voters.

It is conceivable that the shares for De La Fuente, La Riva, and McMullin could rise if they win various lawsuits, but it is unlikely any court will add any more names to ballots, even if the lawsuits eventually result in striking down certain state ballot access laws and practices.


Gloria La Riva Ballot Status Exceeds Evan McMullin’s Ballot Status — 11 Comments

  1. Can you list candidates by the number of electoral votes they could theoretically win, both by being on the ballot and as write-ins in various states? For anyone who could theoretically win a majority of electoral votes, including write-ins, or a majority of states if the election were decided by the House of Representatives, this criterion should be the bare minimum for access to debates and other privileges, such as security briefings. Any other procedure constitutes a fraud.

  2. So proud of the Green Party and all of it’s volunteers for getting Jill Stein and all of of the Green Party candidates on ballots across this country. See you November 8th!

  3. Write-in status is still too early to know. Many states have write-in filing procedures with October deadlines.

  4. I fully supporting Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party.Ballot access is important for the Libertarian party to maintain all over the United States .These big Government authoritarian third party’s are not worth supporting .They also support armed rebellion by the working class which I do not think will happen .So these left wing party’s are politically naive .

  5. Gloria Lariva.wants a dictatorship of the proletariat here in the United States and one party Government like the Government they support on Cuba .

  6. Who was the Last Presidential candidate the Socialist workers party ran for president that did significantly very well in any Presidential Election .I know the Socialist workers party has lost many supporters and members .Also the party has had many splits to in the past several years .

  7. Socialist Workers candidate Peter Camejo received around 90,000 votes in 1976. Actually I believe it was more since in Texas they had originally told us that Peter had around 11,000 votes, but when it became official it was knocked down to 1800. And yes the party has seriously declined.

  8. I remain puzzled as to why Evan McMullin receives more media attention than Darrell Castle when Castle has more ballot access.

  9. Lee, Perhaps it is because McMullin is backed by people who have some influence and are well connected in the power structure.

  10. Andy why did the Socialist Workers Party closed there Houston and Boston branches.I remember when they were active in Houston.

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