Maine Ranked Choice Voting Proponents Start to Circulate Referendum Petition

Maine supporters of ranked choice voting will try to collect 61,123 valid signatures in the next 90 days, to suspend the recently-passed bill that suspends the use of ranked choice voting.


Maine Ranked Choice Voting Proponents Start to Circulate Referendum Petition — 12 Comments

  1. Watch as the legislature will then vote to suspend the suspension of the suspension. No elected official has a vested interest in voting reform.

  2. @Brandon Lyon Ok, You said suspension three times already but that it’s means they delayed it until 2021 to likely screwing this country future survival in 21st century by scrapping it.

    And for me, this will punish them back to against people/representative of regional interests to reform of how state’s voting works.

  3. Ranked-choice voting, or instant runoff, is very new thing rising in American politics and something that threatens hardliners from the left and right because the ranked-choice voting encourages moderation. People like LePage would have a hard time to get voted in.

  4. 90 day deadline starting now in Maine means petition circulators will have to gather signatures in some very cold weather, which is not easy.

  5. RCV/IRV ignores most of the data in a place votes table.

    34 A-M-Z

    33 Z-M-A

    16 M-A-Z

    16 M-Z-A


    With RCV/IRV, M loses. A beats Z 50-49.
    Place Votes Table

    — 1 — 2 — 3 — T

    A 34 – 16 – 49 – 99
    M 32 – 67 – 0 – 99
    Z 33 – 16 – 50 – 99
    T 99 – 99 – 99

    i.e. RCV/IRV will cause even more extremist stuff due to rigged majority *mandate* stuff.
    Head to Head (Condorcet) Math – from 1780s — repeat 1780s.

M beats A 65-34
M beats Z 66-33

    P.R. and nonpartisan App.V. – pending head to head math.

  6. @John Puffer “Hardliners” (Radicals or Diehards) Left-wingers “hates” RCV/IRV is since most them are unaware about that except for me and few, but Right-wingers like Le Page clearly do hate it.

  7. Does anyone know f they have a realistic shot of pulling off the signature goal by the deadline? Are there organizations coordinating it? Are there paid petitioners?

  8. Demo Rep has a point. I saw a survey that showed that Gary Johnson could have won the election in 2016 with Condorcet voting. The problem is that Condorcet voting is even more exotic than RCV right now.

  9. Condorcet in France in the 1780s – repeat 1780s – noted that a third choice could beat each of 2 existing choices head to head.


    A 51 > B 49

    C 52 > A 48
    C 53 > B 47

    However — computer ballots needed in any larger election to do all the combinations math.

    Need possible tiebreaker – such as Approval Voting.

    IE Rank choices 1, 2, etc. and vote YES/NO on each choice.

  10. What is the contact information, or website address, for the people who are circulating this petition?


    Committee for Ranked Choice Voting claims 300 volunteers ready to go out and collect signatures on Tuesday, November 7, 2017 (election day, so lots of voters out there).

    The Committee itself.,_Question_5_(2016)

    RCV-Maine spent $2.5 million on the campaign to pass Question 5, plus another $0.5 million in in-kind contributions.

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