Mass. Republican Ballot Access Woes

The Massachusetts Republicans running for State Treasurer and State Auditor have both failed to gather enough valid signatures to win a place on the primary ballot. Therefore, the party will not have any nominees for those two offices. They each needed 5,000 signatures of registered Republicans or registered independents. Massachusetts ballot access for primary elections is very difficult, yet for some reason the press in Massachusetts never discusses this point.

New Hope for Instant-Runoff Voting in Berkeley

The Alameda County, California Board of Supervisors has decided to buy Sequoia vote-counting machines to replace the Diebold machines. This makes it far more likely that Berkeley (which is in Alameda County) will now be able to implement its desire to use IRV in city elections. Berkeley voters voted to use IRV back in March 2004, but the county’s Diebold machines posed a roadblock.

Missouri Federal Court Dismisses Interesting Case on Excluding Candidates from Primaries

On May 31, U.S. District Court Judge Richard Dorr ruled that the lawsuit filed by a white supremacist against the Missouri Secretary of State is procedurally flawed. The candidate, Glenn Miller, wants to run in the Democratic primary for Congress. The party refused his filing fee because it doesn’t agree with the candidate’s views. The judge ruled that the candidate should have sued the Democratic Party as well as the Secretary of State. Since he only sued the Secretary of State, the case was dismissed. Miller v Missouri Secretary of State, western dist., Springfield, 06-5032.