Arizona House Passes Bill Eliminating Future Presidential Primaries

On February 10, the Arizona House passed HB 2567, which eliminates the presidential primary for years after 2016. The vote was 37-22. Here is the summary of what the bill does. It also requires the national chairperson of each qualified party to inform the Secretary of State by September 1 of the identity of that party’s presidential and vice-presidential nominees. Not every qualified party that nominates presidential candidates actually has a national chairman; there are many one-state political parties in the United States that participate in the presidential election in a single state.

Maine Secretary of State Will Respond to Libertarian Party Ballot Access Lawsuit by February 17

The Maine Secretary of State will file a response in U.S. District Court by February 17, in Libertarian Party of Maine v Dunlap, 2:16cv-2. The Libertarian Party is challenging the decision by the Maine Secretary of State that the party is not ballot-qualified. The lawsuit also challenges the December 1 deadline for groups to qualify as parties. The party is seeking injunctive relief, so the case will move fast.

On February 10, the party’s request to file a brief in excess of the page limit was granted.

Cleveland Plain Dealer Takes Note of Libertarian Party Press Release about Governor Kasich’s Bad Record on Ballot Access

The Cleveland Plain Dealer has this article about two “dirty tricks” that have gained recent attention in election law and procedure. Scroll down to the second instance, which is about the 2014 incident when Ohio Governor John Kasich and his campaign maneuvered to keep the Libertarian Party off the ballot for Governor, and thereby kept it from keeping its party status for 2016.