Monmouth University General Election Presidential Poll within New Jersey Includes Gary Johnson and Jill Stein

On May 31, Monmouth University Polls released this general election presidential poll within New Jersey. It includes Gary Johnson and Jill Stein. See question three. The poll shows a somewhat narrow lead for Hillary Clinton inside New Jersey, whether Johnson and Stein are included or not. However Clinton’s lead is slightly larger when all four candidates are named. Thanks to Michael for the link.

Green Party Finishes its First Petition So Far in 2016

The last time the Green Party completed a petition to be on the 2016 ballot for President was in the fall of 2015, when it completed its Arkansas presidential petition. The Nevada Green Party seems likely to be the first state Green Party to finish a petition during calendar year 2016. It has approximately 9,000 signatures and will submit the petition on June 1 or June 2. The legal requirement is 5,431. The Nevada Green Party got significant help from some individuals who had been working for the Bernie Sanders campaign, and who became angry with the recent Democratic delegate selection process in Nevada.

MSNBC and Reason on Libertarian Party Presidential Convention

Steve Benen of MSNBC has this commentary on the recent Libertarian Party national convention. He contrasts the Libertarian convention to the expected characteristics of the upcoming Republican convention.

Brian Doherty of Reason has this article, one of the very few to try to analyze the dynamics of the convention’s decision on whom to nominate for President and Vice-President. The Libertarian Party issued 250 press credentials but virtually none of the mainstream press reported on the drama of how the nominations were decided, except for this Reason article.

Alaska Primary Candidate Filing Closes June 1

The deadline to file for the Alaska primary is June 1. Here is the list of candidates so far. Two Libertarians are opposing each other in the Libertarian primary for U.S. House. It is somewhat unusual for minor parties to have contested primaries for Congress. The two are Jim McDermott and Jon Briggs Watts.

Nominees of unqualified parties, and independent candidates, have until mid-August to submit petitions to be on the November ballot. Thanks to Michael for the link.

Group Organizes to Recruit an Independent Candidate for President of France

France holds a presidential election in April 2017. The law technically does not permit independent candidates for President in France. But a group has organized to create a method for an independent to run. The selection process is open to any candidate who is not a member of a party. Any voter will be free to participate in the group’s selection process, in a manner reminiscent of Americans Elect in the U.S. during 2011 and early 2012.

Afterwards, the group will create a party just for the purpose of placing that individual on the ballot. See this story. Candidates for President of France get on the ballot by obtaining the signatures of 500 mayors. Even the tiniest towns in France have their own Mayor, and many of them on principle will sign for anyone. Generally at least 12 individuals get on the ballot for President of France.